A novel high-throughput screening service that
delivers information previously difficult to access.


XRpro® provides HTS services yielding high Z’, with excellent reproducibility— helping you to make critical decisions faster and contributing to the effectiveness and efficiency of your drug discovery program. Our proprietary technology complements existing methodologies, making previously difficult measurements easily achievable.

XRpro® technology has broad applications—including interrogating live cells—and is compatible with standard lab automation. Whether you need HTS solutions for target validation, lead optimization, hERG, or assay development, XRpro® is the right partner.

On the Scene

Biophysical Society 59th Annual Meeting

We will be in attendance at the satellite meeting "Drug Discovery for Ion Channels XV" on Friday, Feb. 6.  Hope to see you there!



Nathan Zahler, Ph.D., Product Manager, will be presenting a poster entitled "Label-Free, High Throughput Ion Channel & Transporter Assays: Case Studies for TRPA1 & Nonelectrogenic Transporters" Poster number 1169 on Tuesday, Feb. 10 from 1-3pm

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Debra Morgan, VP Corporate Development, will be presenting a poster entitled "High Performance, Label-Free Screening of Transporters and Ion Channels: X-ray Fluorescence for Challenging Assay" Poster number 1164 on Monday, Feb. 9 from 1-3pm

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Explore the Advantages

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Broad Insitute Collaboration

We are proud to have a research collaboration with the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT.